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“Folares” delivery to the Old Friends - Easter 2017

“Folares” delivery to the Old Friends - Easter 2017

Within the framework of the MRG Group's Social Responsibility Policy, this Easter, an initiative of solidarity was developed for a very special public - the “Velhos Amigos” (Old Friends), one of Atlas’ Projects (Association for Development Cooperation) which, since 2009, supports people in a situation of lack and/or isolation, taking hot meals, affections and company to the elderly of Coimbra and Leiria.

Thereby MRG’s employees spent April 7 offering “Folares” (Portuguese traditional Easter recipe) to the “Old Friends”, people that need additional help and support and appreciate company, sharing life stories and having some sweets! :)

MRG team was received with smiles, friendliness and a lot of joy! Sweet words and sincere gratitude filled the hearts of each one of us!

We praise and salute Atlas for making a difference with people who deserve it and we appreciate all the “Old Friends” for the excellent welcomes and the day they provided us!