MRG Constrution

Luso Training Centre

The work of the Luso Training Centre was awarded by the city of Aveiro in the European Football Championship, lying in a close location and easy access for three of the Euro 2004 stages games: Aveiro, Coimbra and Leiria.
The construction of Luso Training Centre involved the execution of sports and leisure infrastructure consisted of a natural lawn field / training field of natural grass, a building with the locker rooms and support areas, benches, parking lot, landscaping and access, with a total ​​intervention area of approximately 50,000m2.
It is worth to mention the implementation of 45m height lighting towers, whose structure consists of a mast braced for pre-reinforced rods. The rods consist of three tubular profiles that in the plan form an equilateral triangle, connected by diagonal crossbars.