MRG Constrution

Colégio da Graça

Colégio da Graça is a National Monument since 1997, part of the set of buildings from Rua da Sofia, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.
With a gross area plant of approximately 504 m2, the space consists of 4 floors, including one below ground level, containing equipment files and journals ate floor 0, recording rooms, installation and technical areas. The 1st floor has now a main entrance, filing, technical offices, screening rooms, restoration, binding, reprographic and sanitary facilities. At level 2, there is an exhibition area, café, support office, management and administration’s offices and sanitation installation. Lastly, the floor had to been provided with a reading room, shelves zones of free access, support secretariat, support offices, audio-visual room and toilets.
This building was made to install the Documentation Center of April 25, where it is now possible to make the documentation of materials and provide them to the public, and there are rooms for reading and audiovisual elements consultation.