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The route of the real estate on the internationalization map

The route of the real estate on the internationalization map


In the world map of our business we can trace, by tying together the destinations or markets seeking our offerings, all the lines we imagine to be the routes that interest us in promoting. But, for this meeting between our offer and the demand can happen, so you can realize the business time to pursue a meeting between whom, from far, looking for what we have to offer, you need to develop a strong and effective economic diplomacy.

You have to know who's who on the demand side, which entities of these markets have a say in the flow of investments that all this will generate, and learn, with an open mind that is not always easy, what motivates this same demand, besides the very meaning of the profit of all investment, as well as the very sensitivity of the people who are interested in investing in our real estate, especially when they come from different cultures then the Western.

AIP Foundation promotes all this, with the possible intensity in missions directed to the places in the world where we know there is interest in Portugal’s Real Estate investment, real economic embassies in which I have been proudly built in multiple chairman of the Confederation of Construction and Real Estate Portuguese Speaking (CIMLOP), president of the Association of Professionals and Real Estate Companies in Portugal (APEMIP) and chairman of the Strategy of Portugal’s Real Estate Salon (SIL), which I assume responsibility since 2013.

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