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MRG Engineering & Solutions in 1000 Largest Companies

MRG Engineering & Solutions in 1000 Largest Companies


MRG -Engineering & Solutions, S.A. is among the 1000 largest companies in the Coimbra District, coming in 155th place in the ranking of Diário de Coimbra.

The history of MRG begins in 1978 with the foundation of Manuel Rodrigues Gouveia Company. The launch of its activity occurs in Seia, district of Guarda, devoting primarily to real estate development and provision of construction services to municipalities, state and private departments.

In 1989 it starts to focus more on the Civil Construction and Public Works and the main customers were Ministries of Education, Health and Justice. At the same time, there was an increase in property development activity generated by agreements with the National Housing Institute.

Manuel Rodrigues Gouveia becomes a public limited Company/ a business corporation in 1998 and in 2000 creates a new business area encompassing the construction of roads, infrastructure and environment, starting to operate throughout the country.

As a result of its growth MRG creates, in 2005, its operational headquarters in Coimbra and 1 year later, in 2006, establishes a sustainable development policy that involves the diversification and internationalization of its activities.

Currently, MRG is a solid company with over three decades of experience plus, the internationalization and diversification are seen as strategic tools for sustainable development, demonstrating the great capacity to adapt and also to change is reflected in the history and evolution of the Group.

From its original purpose, Engineering and Construction, MRG built a portfolio full of works and a success story based on its technical expertise allowing it to provide its customers global, innovative and quality solutions, creating added value in its projects, winning top partners and holding an economic and financial capacity quite solid.

As part of its internationalization strategy, MRG currently operates in 6 countries, with a total of 73 employees, of whom a significant number is in the international market.

In 2014 its turnover was approximately 30 million euros, currently having a variety of ongoing projects in all countries where it operates, namely Portugal, France, Guinea, Cape Verde, Algeria and Mozambique, in such as education, development of cities, real estate development, tourism, sport, environment and health. Regarding the turnover planned for 2015 and 2016 values are located around 45Milhões €.

MRG is guided by a differentiation strategy, with the added value of a multifaceted set of skills, which allows to follow up its customers’ projects with an integrated view, from conception to construction, management of equipment after construction and even its own financing. It is this integrated view that allows MRG to meet the needs of its customers and to exceed their expectations.