MRG Solutions
Official designation changed

Official designation changed


MRG Engenharia e Construção has changed its Official Designation to MRG - ENGINEERING&SOLUTIONS S.A.

The economic and sector context controls the permanent cost reduction, risk mitigation and the inevitable adaptation to market dynamics, in order to ensure the profitability and solvency of companies.

Therefore, under the legal restructuring of the MRG Group, it was decided to change the company’s name and the location of its headquarters, in order to adapt the company to a new business reality.

Accordingly, the company name will be, from now on, “MRG - Engineering&Solutions, SA ", which will keep the same NIPC (500.739.749), therefore its financial position remains intact.

In addition to the above, this change complies with all technical and financial capacity criteria required, maintaining the body of this patent with the same categories and classes.

Our other contacts remain unchanged:

MRG – Engineering & Solutions, S.A.

Operational Headquarters
Rua António Augusto de Figueiredo, nº 24
Alto da Relvinha – Pedrulha
3025 - 287 Coimbra

Social Headquarters
Parque Industrial da Abrunheira,
Lotes 9 e 10, Ap.47, Vila Chã,
6270-186 Seia, Portugal

Phone Number: 239 863 200
Fax Number: 239 840 085
TIN: 500 739 749