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MRG is one of the largest companies in Portugal Central Region

MRG is one of the largest companies in Portugal Central Region


The supplement "1000 Largest Companies in Coimbra District" of the Journal Diário de Coimbra let us know that, in 2011 MRG Engenharia e Construção, SA is one of the largest companies in this District and in the Central Region. The Company is placed in the 8th position of the Ranking and in the 1st position of Construction Companies operating in the district.

The high level that MRG has achieved in these rankings proves the strength and tenacity with which has maintained its sustained growth, given the context of its sector and country due to the severe economic crisis that hit the world.

Making an analysis year after year, it turns out that the organization continues to grow, both in the region and District, sustainably, innovating processes, providing the organization with the best Human Resources, managing effectively and efficiently its several resources and taking a line of well-defined strategic direction.

These places show the Company's upward trend in the various rankings, gaining leveraged by its growth in terms of turnover and several other ratios that place MRG among the largest and best national companies.

Its influence on the development of the Central Region, in close connection with the growth of the company, have made MRG a company with constant presence in this type of rankings, making it a reference in the business fabric of the region and country in general and in the Construction sector in particular. In addition, the gradually and steadily growing, shows the determination and resilience in its evolutionary path, the result of its strategic vision for the future that we want to continue to be a sustainable development.

The motto " With Us Nothing is Impossible" is paradigmatic of the true aspiration of MRG, i.e. , the Company intends to improve continuously, consolidating its position in the market with an attitude of defiance of difficulties, anticipating trends and favoring the relationship with Employees and all business partners with whom it relates.