Support to new farmers pluck today

Support to new farmers pluck today


The support for young farmers under the Rural Development Programme (PDR 2020) kick off was today, with Portugal the first EU Member State to open this measure.

The new rules to support young farmers bring some news from the previous program (PRODER), i.e. requiring "adequate agricultural training" to beneficiaries and minimum investment of 55,000 euros.

The premium facility also now coverssetorthe wine sector, which was previously not eligible.

In order to qualify, young farmers, need to be between 18 and 40 years old, have to be covered by the category of micro and small companies, have acquired ownership of the farm and present a business plan for a period of five years and corresponding investments.respetivos investimentos. 

Are also eligible legal personscoletivas from the managing partners who are young farmers and hold the majority of the capital as well as hold individually a shareholding of 25% in the capital.

The amount of support is the installation of 15 thousand euros (non-refundable incentive), which may be increased by 25%, 50 % or 75 % if the business plan includes investments of more than 80, 100 or 140 thousand euros, respectively.

The premium, including the addition, will be added five thousand euros if the young man/women is a member of a group or a producer organization recognized in related to the installation sector.setor relacionado com a instalação. 

Payment of the support will be made in two installments: 75 % at the beginning of the installation and the other 25 % after verification of proper implementation of the business plan.


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