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Companies should be seen as a promotor of the sustainable development of societies which are integrated and should assume an important social responsibility, which must integrate social concerns at a personal and community level.

The premises for which the MRG Group is directed is part of the economic, technological and human development, which only are fully realized when we consider in our business the respect for human rights, investment in personal development, environmental protection, the fight of corruption, compliance with social standards and respect for the values and ethical principles of the society in which it operates.

Thus, the MRG Group encourage the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns in their daily operations within the organization and interaction with employees, partners and society in general.

This practice is reflected in a wide range of actions throughout its existence, which aim to contribute to society in a positive way and manage the social and environmental impacts of the organization in order to ensure and enhance its competitiveness.






Get to know the activities that MRG Group develops under its Social Responsibility Policy

MRG develops Website

Within the Group's Social Responsibility, MRG has compiled the New Hepaturix Association Website -
Meet the new platform and get in contact with the Association which greatly helps our society by supporting and improving the quality of life for all children and teenagers transplanted or with liver disease.

MRG develops Website

Cooperation with ESEC’s Students Cooperation with ESEC’s Students

Within Group’s Social Responsibility, during the 2nd semester of the school year of 2015/2016, the MRG cooperated with students from ESEC (Coimbra’s School of Education), for the preparation of a final work for the curricular unit “Corporate Communications Workshop”. On the 9th of June, it took place the presentation of several papers that, once again, demonstrated the great potential and talent of young scholars! Since mockups quite elaborate to the most creative proposals! A fantastic result derivative from the contact between students and MRG, demonstrating once again how beneficial this type of cooperation is for both the student community and for the companies themselves.

Congratulations to all students and votes of great success for your careers!

February 2016 

"Casa da Mata" Program

The CASPAE, which has been working with the most disadvantaged groups and at risk of social exclusion, is developing the project "Invisible Limits", in partnership with the School of Education of Coimbra (ESEC).

Suitable for children of pre-school and 1st cycle of basic education, the project aims to promote children's contact with nature, implementing an Outdoor Education Program, in a natural environment, called "House of the Forest" (“Casa da Mata”). The place for this purpose was secured by the support of the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forest (ICNF). However, the location was degraded and unable for the purpose it was given.

MRG, after evaluating the program needs and, drawing on the activity that exercises, decided to contribute, rehabilitating the Support Room for outdoor activities and adapting it in order to serve this noble cause.

The MRG Group wishes all success to this initiative.

MRG - At the present, looking for the Future!

February 2016

"This Christmas let's make the children's happy!" Project

We are proud to announce the great success of our project: "This Christmas let’s make the children’s happy!”

The success achieved by the amount of donated material allowed us to help 8 Institutions of the Municipality of Coimbra with a wide range of materials: Computers, Food and Personal Care goods, Clothing, Books, School Supplies and toys.

Thus, we were able to make this Christmas a little happier to more than 60 children!

We want to thank everyone who helped us in this cause, contributing to the goal of this project: “This Christmas let’s make the children’s happy!”

Christmas 2015