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Public-Private Partnership is an investment model advocated by various international organizations such as the World Bank.

It is a financing method by which a public authority calls on private beneficiaries to analyze, implement and manage a safe and useful equipment to public service. The private partner receives a counterpart of the public partner and / or form the service users that it manages. This financing method it is present in several other countries, in many ways.

MRG has expertise and extensive experience in carrying out projects in PPP, in the organization and overall coordination of such partnerships, which includes:

• Studies;

• Execution;

• Business plan;

• Establishment of financial and legal arrangements;

• Relations and Negotiations with the public and private sectors;

• Management throughout the life cycle of PPP.


In recent years, MRG has devoted special attention to public-private partnerships citywide.

In this way, it has enabled the local authorities a solution to achieve the goals that guided the launch of the competition, based on the use of skills and know-how of the private sector combined with the virtues of the public sector with a vision to providing infrastructure.

The Municipality celebrates with the private partner, together with the partnership arrangement, a shareholders' agreement which establishes the rules and principles that govern relations between the parties in the combined stock company and its reciprocal responsibilities for technical and financial cooperation.

This technical and financial cooperation agreement is essential because it establishes the rules for assigning the project risks between the Local Authority and the Private Partner.

In this logic, we propose a model based on respect for principles of Eurostat relating to public-private partnerships, where the private partner assumes the risks of construction as well as the provision of equipment and infrastructure of municipal interest.

The private partner is also responsible for the negotiation with financial institutions to obtain financing and conditions necessary for the project, ensuring the equipment quality and good technical execution in order to ensure the respective maintenance and conservation.