MRG Solutions


MRG - Engineering & Solutions, S.A. considering the satisfaction of its customers, Safety and Health at Work of its employees as a priority, defines its Management System according to standard NP EN ISO 9001 and NP 4397 / 0HSAS 18001, meeting the legal requirements and applicable regulatory to their activity.

The Integrated Policy, defined by the management of MRG , is known, understood and followed by all its employees and based on the following principles:

  • To ensure customers’ satisfaction, exceeding their expectations whenever possible.
  • Comply with and enforce laws, regulations and other requirements applicable to the organization’s activities, as well as health and safety at work matters.
  • Plan ahead in order to ensure compliance with the agreed deadlines.
  • Ensuring quality in the organization, doing it right at the first time.
  • Make a good resources management in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Valuing work team.
  • Valuing Education.

Ensure the development, implementation and enforcement of measures to minimize the assessed risks, dangers identified in the Organization, involving Employees and Stakeholders in the process of improving safety conditions and, naturally, in injury and health prevention.

Analyze the work incidents, acting at their source.

Promote continuous improvement in all business areas in order to favor its sustainable growth, based on policies and action strategies aimed at the stated objectives and the effectiveness of the implemented management system.


Nowadays, quality is a key factor for our decisions in order to purchase goods or services.

In the case of MRG - Engineering & Solutions, S.A., to produce with quality also means producing Security. Existing a high risk in our activity, it is indispensable to identify all risks at the beginning of all projects.

When the risks are identified, MRG, aims to eliminate or, at least, reduce them. However, not all risks can be eliminated thereby, prevention is the next step.

Prevention includes, initially, collective protection followed by individual protection. Nevertheless, for prevention to be effective in reality, the training of all involved is crucial.

Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work are key aspects for a production with quality. Fortunately, this area has shown a positive development that, in our view, is fundamentally the effectiveness of training and awareness, even though we know that much remains to be done.


Certificação ISO2008