MRG Group
As Chairman of the Board of Directors, first, I would like to greet all those who visit us through this medium. We believe that, in addition to stand out in during times of prosperity, we must be able to adapt to the troubled times we are experiencing. Therefore, we face this economic phase as an opportunity to solidify our market position and seek new challenges to grow, with the certainty that we will continue to guide this company by our values Motivation, Responsibility and Management.
MRG Group is expanding its value chain by diversifying business areas and countries where it operates. At the same time, there have been changes in MRG - Engineering & Solutions with the creation of a new area of business, at the expense of construction, which is now exclusively from the MRG Construction responsibility. In Portuguese territory, we are going through times of adversity in the field of construction and engineering, until recently the business core of the Group, which led us to diversify our business areas. Consequently, we invest in the Assembly Business, leveraging the experience gained over more than 30 years of activity with sustained growth, and also the position of credible company with the financial institutions, suppliers and competitors that we achieved, facilitating the development of partnerships.
However, despite the situation experienced in the countries of southern Europe, the global construction market has experienced considerable growth and it is expected that this growth will continue, and even accentuated in the coming years, what motivates us to focus on internationalization of the Group in the areas of Construction, Real Estate and Business Assembly in Algeria, France and Mozambique.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors

Fernando Manuel Rodrigues Gouveia